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I'm an artist and photographer based in Northern Louisiana who specializes in making photographs of people as well as the structures and homes I've encountered across the Southern and Southwestern United States. I was born 1974 in the rural south, and I've been making photos since I got my first camera for my 10th birthday. I began formal training in 1994 as a studio art major. I prefer to work primarily with film for the creation of my personal projects. I process and print in the darkroom, as the tactile experience of film draws me closer to the work, and the medium and large format cameras slow me down–forcing me to consider every aspect of the composition and light in a way I sometimes forget to do when I'm using digital equipment. 

As a member of the LGBT community, I'm very interested in exploring gender identity and sexual orientation in my personal work, and specifically the manner in which masculine identity is presented in queer culture. My objective is to tell the stories of marginalized individuals while understanding my own connections and relationships, and the lifelong fluctuating nature of my own gender expression.

My prior experience with exhibitions has been focused on my painting and printmaking work (I work in oils as well as intaglio and relief printmaking when I don't have a camera in hand). Though I've been photographing for fun for nearly 30 years, and professionally for 3 years, I am just beginning my pursuit of serious photographic projects. My first work will deal with the aforementioned relationships I have with my fellow queer friends and my partner. I'm planning a multi-media exhibition as well as the self-publication of a small run of books based upon this body of work.

Professionally, I work as an editorial and commercial photographer for various publications, organizations, advertising firms, and businesses, as well as bands and artists. I am available for commissions and portrait work in the Northern Louisiana area. Please feel free to reach out for more information by using the contact form on this site or via facebook or instagram. 



Studio Art / Louisiana Tech University / 1994-1997



April 21, 2003: minicine? swampland gallery, Shreveport, LA.; Projet Mobilivre Featuring Paintings by Shannon Palmer


June 18, 2004: minicine? swampland gallery, Shreveport, LA.; Craig Baldwin film screening “Blows Against the Empire” Shreveport, LA featuring select paintings.

August 14: Lee Hardware Gallery, Shreveport, LA.; Aurora Picture show screening and art exhibition

September 25: Lee Hardware Gallery, Shreveport, LA.; Gadabout Traveling Film Festival featuring select paintings.


April 3, 2005: Columbia Cafe, Shreveport, LA.; Skipgo Farewell Group exhibit. 


December 13, 2008: Lee Hardware Gallery, in conjuncion with minicine? swampland presents Christmas Under Da Ground group exhibit. 


December 11, 2009: minicine? swampland gallery, Shreveport, LA. CONSENSUS : Group exhibit curated by Shannon Palmer.


September 9, 2010: minicine? swampland gallery, Shreveport, LA. North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Viaje a la Luna - group show featuring select paintings.


November 11, 2011: minicine? swampland gallery, Shreveport, LA. Balance: an Exhibition of Art, Life and Biochemical Metamorphosis group show curated by Shannon Palmer

October 2, 2015: minicine? swampland gallery, Shreveport, LA. SkipGo Reunion exhibition.

Photo by Casey Habich for Heliopolis

Photo by Casey Habich for Heliopolis