About Shannon

     As a child of the early 70s and a full-fledged member of Generation X, I came of age as a photographer in the early 1990s, with my trusty Pentax K-1000 film camera and the pungent-but-nostalgic scent of darkroom chemicals. I learned my craft by taking photos of punk bands, skateboarders, and other art school kids such as myself. In the years after college I became a mom, landed a job as a graphic designer at a local newspaper, and traded in my film camera for digital (my first being a Canon 20d). Today, I have a teenaged daughter who sometimes works as my assistant, I'm a hardcore Nikon user who shoots a d700, and I've started shooting on film again. I even built a darkroom in my house! I shoot film mainly on a Mamiya Rz67, a Rolleicord, a Yashica Electro 35, a Zeiss Ikon Contessa, and a Calumet Cambo 4x5 for large format photos.

     When I'm not making photographs (which is rare these days), I'm hanging out with my family, our dog and cat, and our roommate, or I'm painting with oils, playing around with old recording gear and drum machines, traveling as much as possible, enjoying a frosty glass bottle of coca-cola, or putting my 20 years of graphic design skills to work. But mostly, I'm making photographs. I'm working in the darkroom. I'm planning workshops to teach young folks about the joys of film and the darkroom, and all other manner of geeky photography stuff. Oh, and I'm listening to lots of 70s and 80s punk and new wave, a little St. Vincent and Sufjan Stevens, some Bruce Springsteen,  Joy Division, the Cure, and all of the Fleetwood Mac I can handle.